A snippet at Thursday's history

Thursday's started out in 1983 when a local family bought the "Zip's Varsity Club" right in the heart of The University of Akron's main campus. The name "Thursday's Lounge" was envisioned in Barb Nemr's head even before the family purchased the club. It just so happened that everything positive in their lives always happened on a Thursday (as well as the purchase). The name Thursday's Lounge just seemed to fit the place just right. The Nemr family soon began to remodel the place and make it into a reality.

The bar was very sucessful for the beginning. However, after a few years, the campus life begin to dwindle. And so did the business. The University of Akron began to be more of a "commuter-school". Most of the other bars on campus began to come and go (which is still the case). Bars would change names and re-open with new owners. Many commuters, bikers and townies began occupying the clubs. Fred and Barb were determined to stay put and make it work. After years of hardship, Fred and Barb Nemr took a chance on changing the image of Thursday's Lounge. A decision that has stuck with the club for more than 25 years.

Around 1987 a local DJ along with music supports approched Thursday's Lounge with trying out a new style of music that no clubs inthe area have tried to promote. New Wave, Punk rock, Industrial, and Dark Wave music had never really been offered inside any dance club (or any club/bar with much success). The Thursday's family were enamoured by the creativity of the music. They also saw an instant purity in the people who followed the scene. "These people don't care what you think about them; And they are very polite" Barb would often say of the new found customers. It became an instant hit. Soon the bar was labeled by the outside world as a "freak bar". Mohawks, Tattoos, Blue hair, and Doc Martens were a constant theme at Thursday's for decades. People came from hundreds of miles just to check out what all the hype was. And even non-freaks couldn't keep away because the vibe was so eclectic.

Since then Thursday's has stayed true to its roots. Still playing music that's different than other clubs. Still offering better service than other clubs. And developing friendships and expanding our families to our customers. After expanding three times since 1983, Thursday's has once more created new bathrooms, an overall facelift and many outdoor patio amenities are soon to come.

Our family thanks you for your patronage. As we celebrate our 32nd anniversary this year, we hope to see you hanging out for years to come. Cheers!