Here is how to book a show/event at Thursday's

Thursday's hosts a variety of live music, comedy, parties, EDM events, karaoke, art shows, and just about anything. It's a versatile venue with many ammenities. We have loud soundsystem, large stage, HD projector, lots of open space AND we are easy to deal with. :-)

Live music and events are usually held on occassion on Sundays through Wednesdays and Friday nights. Here's an easy way to get a night at Thursday's. First, be realistic. If you are an out of town band, line up some local acts, pick some dates, then contact us. If you're a local act, contact us and maybe come hang out here a few nights so we can get to know who we are dealing with. Or just send us a line at Please NO cover bands. All originals please.

Some information to consider when contacting us: 1. Let us know a little about yourselves. Not just your band name (as awesome as it may be), but what are some influences? Who do you sound like? How long have you been playing? What is your stage plot look like? All that good stuff.


Contact Us

Phone - 330.253.2651 - Email -

306 E. Exchange St. - Akron, OH 44304